More bioethanol with yeasts?

A great amount of ethanol fuel is currently produced by starch fermentation. This starch comes from grains such as wheat and maize. Fermentation is produced by a yeast culture. The digestion of starch by yeasts is done in two stages: the starch is initially hydrolyzed in sugars by a chemical or enzymatic process then sugars … Read more

Solar chimneys against tornados

The meteorological conditions of formation of tornados are complex but there is a constant: lower part of atmosphere is particularly hot and humid some hours before the beginning of a tornado. The thermal contrast between low hot atmosphere and upper cold atmosphere is instable and the mixture of these layers starts abruptly. The tornados are … Read more

Sonofusion with tritium

Is it possible to test the sonofusion with the deuterium-tritium reaction? The research on sonofusion tries to obtain nuclear fusion in deuterated liquids. In a typical experiment of sonofusion, a beam of neutrons generates tiny bubbles in the liquid. An ultrasound field expands and contracts these bubbles. The nuclear fusion could occur when the collapse … Read more

Planet detection by natural laser emission

These last years, the search for extrasolar planets has been successful. To date, the astronomers have detected more than 400 extrasolar planets. Among these 300 planets, only ten have been discovered by their own light. There is perhaps a phenomenon which could facilitate this search for extrasolar planets. The astronomer Michael Mumma and his team … Read more